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Cosmetic Services

It’s true: the first thing people notice about you is your smile.

Gregory A. Page Dentistry, a full service Cosmetic Dentist Facility, helps you improve your smile which may improve SCAN0062your confident success.

  • We provide a relaxed, modern environment in which to give you exactly the smile you’re looking for.
  • We offer upgrades from metal fillings to white ones, tooth whitening with high-wattage results, and total “smile makeovers” using gorgeous porcelain/zircon veneers!

Dr Gregory Page was the supervising surgeon and helped thousands of smiles go from crooked to gorgeous. Dr Page uses advanced technology and decades of experience to enhance your smile. After 10 years and thousands of patients supervised by Dr Page Implant Reconstruction Group Practice, he is now offering personalized service where he preforms all the dental service with meticulous care. Dr Gregory Page will use high tech diagnostic techniques to design your smile and enhance one tooth or reconstruct an entire set of teeth. And if you think cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by insurance, think again. Many procedures ARE covered by insurance; they just don’t want you to know about it! In many cases, veneers are helpful in correcting the bite of a patient, or in stopping prevalent decay and general wear and tear – that’s not just cosmetic! Our office has received excellent insurance coverage in many patient cases. Modern techniques and state of the art materials combined with the experience of Dr Gregory Page creates a personalized service approach that is state of the art. Add to that the artistic ability of Dr Page and you have the best world of art and science applied to the smile.