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Crowns & Bridges

SCAN0081Crowns and bridges made the Gregory A. Page Dentistry way are done quickly, typically in two one-hour office visits. Gone are old fashioned techniques and materials that delay your treatment and modern materials make each appointment easier and faster. For example, Dr Page uses the most modern impression materials that have a mint flavor and the impression is complete in less than 2 minutes rather than the old 15 minutes stuff. Faster and more accurate, no expense is spared for your comfort and quality results. All our crowns and bridges are custom made in a trusted laboratory, ensuring that you will have an attractive, comfortable fit that will last for years. As with all our services, there is a focus on creating a natural look and custom matching the shade of the crown or bridge to the actual shade of your teeth. Get your Crowns, Bridges or full mouth reconstruction done by the dentist trusted by top Cosmetic Dentists to make over their smiles. With reasonably priced and efficient services, our focus is on the health of your teeth and the beauty of your smile.