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Three main types of veneers…


There are three main types of porcelain veneers. Because there are different types of veneers there is variation in value, characteristics and price. Many patients shop veneers based only on price, then they end up with veneers that has problems or are cosmetically less pleasing. Be careful of shopping only price, cheap veneers tend to pop off, this can be inconvenient.

Because veneers can last 20-30 years , patients who shop only price often end up with a problem veneer and have to live with their bad decision for decades. I suggest you spend a couple few hundred dollars more and get a trouble free, natural looking, cosmetically pleasing veneer.

Direct Veneers

Be careful of getting direct veneers in an effort to save money. Direct veneers are not the same as porcelain veneers, direct veneers have a plastic component. The advantage is they are completed in one visit and they are inexpensive. The disadvantages are they chip, stain, and break; they last only 1/10 th the time porcelain veneers do. The plastic is not strong enough to control the main components of a cosmetically pleasing smile. I do not recommend direct veneers for adults, they are great for teens and younger. Direct veneers are the same as bonding, some use the term Direct Veneers to infer they are getting porcelain veneers for a great price.

Pressable Veneers

Pressable veneers are made of porcelain with no plastic. They are the economy model of the two forms of pure porcelain veneers. The advantage is that they are a bit less expensive than the other type of pure porcelain veneer(hand packed porcelain), but there are some serious disadvantages: no color variation within each veneer (they look like a refrigerator door- one color) so they look fake they tend to pop off (this gives veneers a bad reputation and can be very inconvenient). For technical reasons they have to be thick – meaning your natural teeth need to be permanently ground down so they will not feel bulky. To me it does not make sense to save a couple hundred dollars and end up with a cosmetically poor veneer that pops off all the time, and have to deal with that and the fact your teeth were ground down for 20-30 years. I would not put press-able veneers on anyone in my family, do not have them myself and would not put them on any of my patients.

Hand Packed Porcelain Veneers

These are my favorite veneer option. They are strong, they look natural, they don’t pop off and the Dentist usually does not have to grind your precious tooth structure off. Those advantages are worth a few hundred dollars extra. Corporate Dental Labs tend to not use these types of veneers, because the corporate labs have a hard time training and keeping a technician that can do this delicate technique; this type of veneer requires great skill and artistic ability. The technician who makes my veneers has been working closely with me for over 20 years, we have developed a very reliable refined product. Our results are excellent and we rarely have to remake something. My porcelain technician is local to my office and we can talk or visit easily to discuss a veneer case, this is a key factor in a good veneer; a doctor and technician who know each other and discuss your case. Good communication from Lumineers fall into this category.

I suggest adults get a Hand Packed porcelain veneer, they require less grinding of your natural teeth, don’t pop off much and look great: Dental care, and dental veneers may not be the best purchase to shop price as the sole consideration.