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Welcome to Gregory A. Page Dentistry

Discover Chicago Dental Veneers where your needs and comfort come first. When you visit Gregory A. Page Dentistry, a cosmetic dentistry office in the Chicago South Loop, you’ll discover that modern dental veneers, tooth whitening, as well as healthy teeth and gums are all provided with state of the art quality and beauty. Chicago Veneers Dentistry offers modern cosmetic enhancements like white porcelain fillings, one hour teeth whitening’s, and Dental Cleanings using a gentle sonic enhanced water spray: all available just steps from the Chicago Loop and Michigan Avenue. Dr. Page, founder of, is experienced in full mouth reconstruction, cosmetic dental makeovers, dental implants, and natural looking porcelain veneers. He also performs one-hour teeth whitening’s, porcelain bonding, and full mouth reconstruction using ziconia crowns,porcelain veneers and dental implants.. Dr. Page has perfected the technique of restoring worn down teeth by veneering back teeth molars, an alternative to old fashioned metal crowns. All services at Gregory A. Page Dentistry are performed personally by a modern cosmetic dentist who has practiced in Chicago for over 20 years. Dental veneers in Chicago, porcelain crowns, porcelain teeth, and teeth whiteners can all be explained with a free 15 minute consultation at Dr Gregory A. Page Dentistry .

We believe our patients deserve care and understanding. You can count on our caring, friendly staff to recognize your individual needs. We always take the time to listen to and answer your questions. Dr. Page believes in a highly personalized service and all treatments are performed by Dr. Page, as he is the only dentist on premises. Come in and discover for yourself how our care has brightened the smiles of thousands throughout the Chicago area in our newly renovated office

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FREE smile design and evaluation.

Get a glimpse of what your smile needs to look perfect, get a consultation from Dr Page, a Cosmetic Dentist that has reconstructed or enhanced over 14,000 smiles. He can instantly make Cosmetic Dental suggestions to perfect your smile ! !

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The Dentist that other Dentists trust for their Crowns and Veneers.


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My patient Dr Shefdnore is a Dentist that performs Cosmetic Dental Procedures. In the before picture he is shown after whitening his teeth with home trays for 6 weeks, looks ok. The After picture shows Dr. Shefdnore after I placed 10 porcelain veneers on his front teeth. To enhance his smile I modified the shape of his teeth with Dr. Page’s artistic talents.